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Week 1 Annotated Bibliography Technology Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Annotated Bibliography



In Unit II, you will submit a research paper that focuses on the why behind the evolution of technology in a firm. You will look at the value between information technology (IT) strategy and value creation. You will also explain the purpose of a technology roadmap and its importance to a firm. For this unit, you will prepare for the Unit II Research Paper by searching the CSU Online Library for resources to synthesize your view of how companies create value and compete using advanced technologies.


Locate three peer-reviewed academic resources that you will use to support your Unit II Research Paper. All three resources must be published within the last 5 years. Your references should be taken from empirical studies (i.e., studies that collect and analyze data to draw conclusions).


Create an annotated bibliography for three references. Your annotated bibliography must be a minimum of one page in length. Cite the sources in proper APA style. The references should be organized in alphabetical order.


Annotated Bibliography
Institution/ Affiliation
Arumugam, R., & Raamani, T. (2019). Importance of technology leadership for technologyintegration: Gender and professional development perspective. Sage Open, 9(4)doi:
In the quantitative cross-sectional study on the importance of technology leadership for technology integration, Arumugam & Raamani, (2019) concluded that professional development has significant impacts on the incorporation of technology in schools while gender was not. From the 90 respondents selected from 190 secondary schools across the nation, the authors established that constructs of technology leadership had little impacts on teachers’ technology integration. The researchers analyzed the primary constructs of technology,

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