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Annotated Bibliography: The Need for Health Insurance (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


I decided to write my essay on The need for health insurance.
Directions: When searching for sources it is helpful to develop a system of organization. One of the most commonly used methods of organizing sources is to keep an annotated bibliography.
Read about annotated bibliography's by visiting the Purdue Owl website.
Create your own annotated bibliography with the sources you are using for your research paper. Your annotated bibliography should follow APA style guidelines and should include at least 6 scholarly research articles. You may include other resources as well.
Each annotation should:
• Include a full citation of the source
• Summarize the article
• Assess the sources claims and explain how the article fits with your research paper


The Need for Health Insurance
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The Need for Health Insurance
Anderson, M., Dobkin, C., & Gross, T. (2012). The effect of health insurance coverage onthe use of medical services./~tg2370/anderson_dobkin_gross_uninsured.pdf
The authors of this article takes a different approach to identify the effects of health insurance coverage on health care utilization. They exploit the changes in health insurance rates due to young adults losing coverage from their parents’ plans as they age. The paper notes that losing an insurance cover or has negative effects on health care utilization as most people do not get the emergency and increases the proportion of care that they receive in health care institutions. This paper gives an insight on the effects of losing a health insurance care plan thus easy to deduct the need of having one.
Card, D., Dobkin, C., & Maestas, N. (2004). The impact of nearly universal insurancecoverage on health care utilization and health: evidence from Medicare (No. w10365).National Bureau of Economic Research.
The pape...
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