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Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Hi there, did you remember you have witten a proposal "Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie"
The prof require us to write annotated bibliography about it.
"The assignment is an annotated bibliography for your case study. An annotated bibliography lists some citations you wish to use in your case study report. Each citation is followed by an annotation, which describes the relevance of the citation to your work, and critically appraises the work as well. The annotation does not reproduce the abstract of the source, though in some ways it may look like an abstract. Please see the following link from Cornell University for an in-depth explanation of what an annotated bibliography is and how to structure it:
Your annotated bibliographies should have 10 citations, and at least 5 of them should be from peer reviewed academic sources. Note that you are not required to use all the references you select for your annotated bibliography for your case study, nor are you prohibited from introducing new references later.


Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie
Institutional Affiliation
Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie
Allinger, L. E., & Reavie, E. D. (2013). The ecological history of Lake Erie as recorded by the phytoplankton community. Journal of Great Lakes Research.
The historical account offered by Allinger and Reavie (2013) complements the qualitative and quantitative studies by offering a structured approach to understanding the change experienced at Lake Erie. The authors note that the water quality at the lake has changed significantly after the European settlements were established, which contributed to the existing eutrophication and the impact of intrusive organisms. The research addresses the ecosystem changes and the different stressors that are increasingly emerging, including non-indigenous organisms, contaminants, land-use, and climatic change, which have brought changes to the composition and increase of phytoplankton. The study uses diatom-based assessment, due to their capability to preserve the remains in sediments for a long time.
Baker, D. B., Confesor, R., Ewing, D. E., Johnson, L. T., Kramer, J. W., & Merryfield, B. J. (2014). Phosphorus loading to Lake Erie from the Maumee, Sandusky, and Cuyahoga rivers: The importance of bioavailability. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 40(3), 502

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