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Criminology Annotated Bibliography & Reflection. Social Sciences (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Annotated Bibliography & Reflection (10%): July 21st
To be a successful student of criminology, it is crucial that you develop the ability to locate, identify and critique relevant and current criminological literatures that pertain to your topic of interest. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to practice this skill and demonstrate your knowledge of the nature of the scholarly criminological works. This assignment requires you to research and report on a criminological topic of interest. To start this project, you should first think of a criminological topic in which you are interested. You might wish to read about corporate crime, gangs, juvenile delinquency, police misconduct, or another area.

You must locate a minimum of five scholarly sources. The articles that you select must be scholarly, peer-reviewed articles that report on a piece of empirical research. If you are unsure as to the appropriateness of your article please check with me. Examples of scholarly journals in criminology include Deviant Behavior, Criminology, British Journal of Criminology, and Crime & Delinquency, among many others.

The assignment that you submit will include a list of these sources in ASA or APA citation style with annotations (a summary of the key methodology and findings – one paragraph). This annotated list should be followed by a brief synopsis of the key themes and summary of what you learned (approximately one page).


Criminology Annotated Bibliography
Author Name
University Name
Aspden, K., & Hayward, K. J. (2015). Narrative Criminology and Cultural Criminology. Narrative Criminology, 235-259. doi:10.18574/nyu/9781479876778.003.0010
In their article titled Narrative Criminology and Cultural Criminology, Kester Aspden and Keith J. Hayward state that both of these branches of criminology are closely associated with one another. Their overall impact on the society is similar: drug users and violent offenders resist their identities as criminals and tend to ruin the social, cultural and economic system of a country. The authors took into account different theories of cultural and narrative criminology before presenting their ideas in this scholarly article (Aspden & Hayward, 2015).

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