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Better Diet and Life for Teenagers to Become Healthier Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Background: This assignment is broken into 2 parts. The annotated bibliography is an individual assignment that is based in your group topic. You will be assigned to a group that will be researching an issue in human development and family studies. The issue should be examined based on current research. For the annotated bibliography, you will select 2 relevant research articles related to your topic. You will provide the APA reference and a summary of the article. This bibliography will be used for your group issues assignment.
My topic is about how to let teenagers have a better diet and life to become more healthier.
1.Use the PSU library site to search for articles related to your topic. Here is the link:
2.Review the abstracts of the articles to select 2 articles that best match your topic
3.Write the APA reference for the article using the APA manual for guidance
4.Read the articles and provide a summary of the article. Be sure to address the following points:
1.Overall purpose of the study
2.Specifics about the methods (i.e. sample, quantitative or qualitative, type of analysis)
4.Overall statement of the author(s) conclusion


Better Diet and Life for Teenagers to Become Healthier
Annotated Bibliography
Brassai, L., Piko, B. F., & Steger, M. F. (2015). A reason to stay healthy: The role of meaning in life about physical activity and healthy eating among adolescents. Journal of Health Psychology, 20(5), 473-482.
Brassai, Piko & Steger (2015) conducted a longitudinal study on "A reason to stay healthy: The role of meaning in life about physical activity and healthy eating among adolescents." The study focused on the investigation on the increased contribution of meaning in behaviors that promote and sustain life and good health as well as well being among the East-European adolescents. The researchers recruited 456 subjects for the study. Separately, the researchers used variables such as time of response on the presence of meaning, well-being, search for purpose and health values in predicting the healthy eating levels and physical activity after 13 months. The results revealed that all the independent variables at high significant predicted the engagement of teenagers in healthy eating and physical activity. However, both presences of meaning and search for meaning were the most predictors followed by the interaction between the two variables among boys and who had healthy eat

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