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Critical Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The critical annotated bibliography is a list of 12 sources that you will find on your topic of "will stricter gun background checks and bans on assault weapons reduce gun violence."


Critical Annotated Bibliography
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Critical Annotated Bibliography
Butts, J., Roman, C., Bostwick, L., & Porter, J. (2015). Cure Violence: A Public Health Model to Reduce Gun Violence. Annu. Rev. Public Health, 36(1), 39-53.
The authors argue that although the firearm control laws present immediate results, they do not provide lasting solutions to gun violence. The writers suggest a cure violence technique that addresses individual and personal behaviors and attitudes regarding the harmful use of firearms. The model outlines significant ideas that can help in the prevention of gun violence. However, the authors should have provided a means of integrating the existing rules and their technique.
Cook, P. (2011). Post-Heller Strategies to Reduce Gun Violence. Journal Of Catholic Social Thought, 8(1), 93-110.
Cook suggests that the gun control regulations have considerably reduced gun violence and provides strategies to enhance them. Unlike other researchers, Cook goes beyond providing the limitations and benefits of the existing rules and gives additional techniques to curb the menace. However, the strategies are yet to be proved and thus the lack of generalization of the ideas.
Fleegler, E., Lee, L., Monuteaux, M., Hemenway, D., & Mannix, R. (2013). Firearm Legislation and Firearm-Related Fatalities in the United States. JAMA Internal Medicine, 173(9), 732.
The authors in this article evaluate if the establishment of more firearm regulations reduces firearm fatalities. The writers organize their text effectively providing a flow of ideas. The sample of fifty states studied over a four-year period to generate the conclusions is adequate and thus credible information. The study presents significant ideas that might help the nation establish rules that can safeguard people from gun violence.
Gius, M. (2015). The effects of state and federal background checks on state-level gun-related murder rates. Applied Economics, 47(38), 4090-4101.
The researcher investigates the impact that federal and state background checks have had on the gun-related fatalities. From the study, there has been a significant reduction of firearm bloodsheds due to the policy implementation. The conclusions are generated from the evaluation of data collected over 30 years enhancing the accuracy. The writer also makes comparisons with previous research in the field enabling the audience to understand the views.
Hsiao, T. (2015). Against Gun Bans and Restrictive Licensing. Essays in Philosophy, 16(2), 180-203.
The author suggests that discriminatory policies and complete bans are not the solution to the gun violence menace. Hsiao argues that gun ownership should be subject to policies that are non-discretionally. The writer presents many supporting ideas from outside sources giving credibility to the text. Additionally, providing the counterarguments also gives the reader an opportunity to understand the author's opinion.
Johnson, F. (2013). Why Gun Control Can't Eliminate Gun Violence. National Journal.
Johnson argues that the gun control methods such as background checks, high-capacity ammunition limitations, and an assault firearm ban will not prevent gun violence. The author manages to convince the voter community to accept his arguments utilizing persuasive techniques. However, Johnson fails to give the positive impacts that the laws have bro...
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