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Should we support or not the medical marijuana? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

SHOULD WE SUPPORT OR NOT THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA? Name: Institutional Affiliation Should We Support or Not the Medical Marijuana? The use of marijuana for medical purposes can be traced back from China when Shen Neng used this drug in tea to treat gout, malaria and rheumatism. The popularity of this drug is currently spreading in the medical field in the management of pain and in releasing stress. Leslie Mendoza Temple, MD (2012). Medical Marijuana and Pain Management. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 64(10), 1037-1044. doi:10.2146/ajhp060471 According to this author, the use of medical marijuana remains essential for the primary purpose of therapy. Medical marijuana as detailed by this author can be used as a medicine for certain illnesses such as in pain management, the control of vomiting and nausea and the promotion of a patient’s weight in chronic inanition. Leslie alleges that resent research studies have seen the benefit of using this drug in the treatment of muscle spasticity, painful peripheral and multiple sclerosis. Considering the therapeutic benefits of this drug, Leslie alleges that it is significant that clinicians prescribe, dispense and regulate its use similar to other medications that have the same effects. It is however essential to establish that Leslie’s material points out to some biases especially in focusing on the benefits of this drug and ignoring the dangers that the public may be exposed to when this drug is legalized. According to this author, there is a need to be cautious on prescribing this drug to the public since its misuse may result in grievances. In addition to this, the author of this material does not describe the medical side effects of this drug that may affect the memory, thought, pleasure, and time perception including coordination of a patient. However, it is essential to establish that the benefits of this drug tend to outweigh its effects, an aspect that establishes its use in pain management. As established by this author, there is a need to consider the use of medical marijuana for therapeutic reasons, thus requiring proper strategies into its prescription and use within medical facilities. Cook, J., Lloyd-Jones, D. M., Ogden, E., & Bonomo, Y. (2015). Medical use of cannabis: an addiction medicine perspective. Internal Medicine Journal, 45(6), 677-680. doi:10.1111/imj.12761. Retrived From: According to these authors, the use of medical marijuana in a cannabis-based treatment may only be effective for a small population especially under specific circumstances. Cannabis is known for toxic deaths in as much the arrival of the medical marijuana may be considered to have changed these observations. However, according to these authors, the use of this medical cannabis may still cause significant harms. The authors caution against the use of this drug under the assumption that its medicinal purposes tend to be inconsistent and replicable. This, according to Cook and his colleagues is attributed to the fact that there are other drugs that can be used in serving the same purpose marijuana does....
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