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W5 Reflective Annotated Bibliography. Health, Medicine, Nursing (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


This reflective bibliography asks you to individually summarize and critically reflect on the research pertaining to your topic. After the task is completed, you should discover your source materials are accessible and organized and ready to be incorporated into your Career Development Research Paper.
Focusing on the topic for your Career Development Research Paper, locate FOUR separate research sources. You will need to use the Virtual Library for the research. To construct the reflective bibliography, read and annotated [to make notes and to critically evaluate] each source; then follow the below listed steps and guidelines for each article.
• Correctly reference each article in APA format.
• Write a brief summary (5 to 8 sentences) of the article. This part should include what elements of your career choice the article discussed, such aspects as the responsibilities, growth trends, lifelong learning opportunities, etc.
• Critically evaluate the source (3 to 5 sentences). This part should address such aspects as author credibility; gaps, inconsistencies or flaws; repetition of information; and whether or not you feel this will be a source you will incorporate in your final piece of writing.
• Each annotated bibliography should be numbered and double spaced in entirety.
The Research
As you begin to interpret, annotated, and draw conclusions about each source, use the following questions to guide you.
1. Look for specific information the writers may be presenting. How do they affect your view of the career?
2. Describe and discuss the method(s) you see each writer employing. What method(s) do you see used in each of the articles? Is there a consistency of methods across the articles, or do the methods vary widely? Why would that be? Which method works best for you as a reader? Be specific.
3. Do you notice any trend(s) or pattern(s) in the articles? To what degree do the articles match, connect with or give evidence of any trend or pattern you are finding?
4. What gap(s), if any, do you find in the material each of the articles presents? Is there a question you have about the field that you cannot find?


Annotated Bibliography
The article “7 common medical billing modifiers” by ABCS has put together seven common modifiers that you will often come across when delivering medical billing services. The writer acknowledges that while accurate coding and billing is a challenge, the proper use of modifiers is a requirement. Incorrect use can lead to rejection or denial of health insurance claims by service providers. Modifiers are used for different reasons in healthcare billing. Some of the healthcare modifiers stated in the article include: modifier 51, modifier 27, modifier 24, modifier, 59, modifier 26, modifier 59 and modifier 25 CITATION Med16 \l 1033 (Medical Billing Services, 2016). Being knowledgeable allows medical billing professionals to offer excellent services to their clients.

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