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Nursing Leadership and Retention of Nursing Staff (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Nursing Leadership and Retention of Nursing Staff.
Provides an introductory statement that clearly describes the context for the project and provides clear goals and objectives for the project. Nursing Leadership in relation to retention of nursing staff.
Selects major topic headings and subheadings that describe chosen nursing leadership issues.
Synthesizes systems, organizational and leadership theories, and concepts into the selected health care organization and provides additional details and strong supporting evidence.


Nursing Leadership and Retention of Nursing Staff
Institutional Affiliation
Nursing Leadership and Retention of Nursing Staff
Work experience is the most sought quality of an employee that every onboarding advert must highlight. When the less experienced are on-boarded in an organization like a hospital, they employee experienced increases as they continue to work for the organization. When the employee experience is at optimum, and their productivity is at its climax, they are likely to look for greener pastures than their current positions. Carlson (2015), to prevent this the management should come up with strategies that prevent workers from leaving for another competing organizations. Any employee can leave their working station for another organization that is offering better and favorable conditions for them. Retention should be in the minds of the management, always to keep its workers and prevent them from leaving. When the administration puts in place strategies to help keep the workers in an organization, both the employee and the organization benefits. For the organization, the employee will work with experience improving the quality of work which improves the overall performance. When employees retain a position in an organization and improves their performance, they are considered in case promotion opportunities emerge than when they keep on moving from one institution to another.
Nursing staff should be retained in a hospital or the medical institution that they work and utilize their medical and clinical experience that they get with time. The nurses' management and leadership should put on strategies that motivate the nurses to stay in their position in order to make good use of their experience that they have gained over time. According to Nei, Snyder, & Litwiller (2015) management can have different strategies to help retain their nurses. Whether experienced or not experienced, all the nurses should be encouraged through various strategies that are used to promote and motivate nursing staff to continue working. The unplanned resignation of a nursing staff is one of the worst nightmares that a nursing management administration can have. To prevent this, the nursing leadership should use the following strategies to ensure that the nurses are motivated and have the zeal to report to work the next working day ready to work.
Providing good working conditions
Every nurse wants to work in a peaceful and conducive environment that will provide all the necessary essential amenities. The standards of the medical institution that the nursing staff works on should provide a good working environment where the nursing staff works. Poor working condition thwarts smooth delivery of quality services that the nurse is expected to offer to the clients (Chang, Shyu, Wong, Friesner, Chu, & Teng, 2015). Basic services that are essential for a good working environment should be provided in abundance. For instance, bad odors in the medical facility should be removed so that the nurses will not be discouraged. The basic hygien

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