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NURS 6341 Writing Assignment: Specialty in Clinical Nursing (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Subject for research: Wound care/ Ostomy care
NURS 6341: Specialty in Clinical Nursing
In this Assignment, you gather information on advancements in your practicum specialty.
To Prepare
Reflect on your specialty of interest and your practicum experience. What key topics, processes, best practices, advancements, and technologies have you seen or heard about?
Search the Walden Library for articles on any or all of these dimensions. Keep in mind that your focus is on current developments and that articles you select should have been published within the last three years.
To Complete
Create an annotated bibliography that consists of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.
For each article:
Provide a brief summary (4–5 sentences).
Explain why this article is relevant (1–2 sentences).
Explain the application of the findings of the article to practice (1–2 sentences).


Boyle, D., Bergquist-Beringer, S., & Cramer, E. (2017). Relationship of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Certified Nurses and Healthcare-Acquired Conditions in Acute Care Hospitals. Journal Of Wound, Ostomy And Continence Nursing, 44(3), 283-292.
In the study that was conducted by Boyle, Diane K.; Bergquist-Beringer, Sandra; Cramer and Emily in 2017, the researchers tried to describe the types and numbers of employed WOC certified nurses within the acute care hospitals, the rates at which patients develop pressure injuries, catheter associated urinary tract infection and the effectiveness of the nurses in the general care. This is a research that combines a number of conditions among them Ostomy and the effectiveness of the nurses at assisting the patients to get better outcomes. It plays a vital impact to the research and practice relative to the fact that, it is able to establish the effectiveness of the nurses with reference to the complexity that Ostomy care is handled. It is common for the Ostomy care to be carried out in conjunction with other practices as most of the cases do not happen in isolation.
Doughty, D., Reimanis, C., & Jacobs, J. (2013). Wound Care Literature Review 2012. Journal Of Wound, Ostomy And Continence Nursing, 40, S5-S17.
In this paper, Doughty, Dorothy, Reimanis, Cathryn, Jacobs and Julia, carry out a literature review on past research papers with preference to wound management. In the research, the review the various ways that wounds can be managed relative to the various practices that have been established in the past. They managed to review literature from 74 papers in total. This is a crucial piece as it builds on the best practices with an in-depth approach. Using the review, it is easy to establish the various practices that do not work over the years and which ones have been developed in the past few years that can be used in the years to come with significant quality outcomes. In reference to the practice in the future, the review of the various wound management practices assists in narrowing down on the best management practices to enhance quality care for ostomy patients.
Beeson, T., Eifrid, B., Pike, C., & Pittman, J. (2017). Do Intra-anal Bowel Management Devices Reduce Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis and/or Pressure Injuries?. Journal Of Wound, Ostomy And Continence Nursing, 44(6), 583-588.
In the research Beeson, Terrie; Eifrid, Bethany; Pike, Caitlin A.; Pittman and Joyce, try to establish the effectiveness of the intra anal bowel management systems such as the use of the catheters as well as rectal trumpets in an effort to reduce incontinence related to dermatitis as well as pressure injuries. Using past research accessed from the University library. The research concluded that intra anal bowel management systems are a viable fecal incontinent management option, as they reduce pressure injuries and incontinence associated dermatitis. This paper adds to the literature available on the best practices in ostomy for best patient outcomes and quality care provision. In reference to the practice. It is important to note that the intra anal bowel management systems are crucial and effective when it comes to fecal incontinence management. This is considering the challenges faced by patients that are undergoing ostomy care.
Stacy, R., Kim, E., Rishma, N., Samantha, M., Debbie, M., & Mikel, G. (2013). Ostomy Care and Management A Systematic Review. Journal Of Wound, Ostomy And Continence Nursing, 40(5), 489 ...

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