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Module 4 Assignment: Portfolio Project on Clinical Quality (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Module 4: Portfolio Milestone
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Portfolio Milestone: Submit a Bibliography (worth 25 points of final grade)
Review the requirements for the Portfolio Project. Prepare and submit a bibliography of research sources that you plan to use for the Portfolio Project. The bibliography should include at least 6-8 credible reference sources including at least one peer-reviewed article from the CSU-Global Library. The bibliography entries must be formatted per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
This submission is worth 25 points of your Portfolio Project, which is due in Module 8. Additionally, you will be expected to account for the instructor's feedback in the final version of the Portfolio Project assignment.
This is the final portfolio to build the portfolio Milestone from
Option 2 : Portfolio Project: Clinical Quality
The CEO of a large hospital is considering that her hospital
Option 2: Portfolio Project: Clinical Quality
The CEO of a large hospital is considering that her hospital
Posted Tue 25 Apr 2017 at 4:16 pm


Portfolio Project on Clinical Quality
Date of submission
Arah, O. A., Klazinga, N. S., Delnoij, D. M. J., Asbroek, A. T., & Custers, T. (2003). Conceptual frameworks for health systems performance: a quest for effectiveness, quality, and improvement. International journal for quality in health care, 15(5), 377-398.
Arah et al., (2003) revealed performance indicators for monitoring, assessing and management of the healthcare systems to enhance equity, effectiveness, efficiency, and quality. The study explored conceptual bases and quality improvement dynamics of the performance frameworks among others. The results indicated supportive frameworks used in different health care settings with different concepts and operations. The improvement was realized regarding efficiency, equity, effectiveness which are elements of quality. Thus, it is the work of the management to identify the different problems and defining proper means of addressing them. This article is critical in the development of literature review for the study.
El-Jardali, F., Jamal, D., Dimassi, H., Ammar, W., & Tchaghchaghian, V. (2008). The impact of hospital accreditation on quality of care: perception of Lebanese nurses. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 20(5), 363-371.
One of the elements that ensure improved performance in hospital setup is accreditation of the facility by the government. El-Jardali and the colleague (2008) affirm this aspect in their study on the impacts of accreditation on quality of care. This is a tool that is typically applied by the government to assess the quality improvement. Therefore, the article is of great benefit to the current study since it reveals the government regulations that are usually in place to safeguard quality. The article will enable the literature review to be more informative on the different aspects of regulations and accreditation standards that are relevant in regards to quality improvement.
Hibbard, J. H., Stockard, J., & Tusler, M. (2003). Does publicizing hospital performance stimulate quality improvement efforts?. Health Affairs, 22(2), 84-94.
Hospital quality performance is required for the public. The information regarding the performance when availed in the public domain enhances trust as well as build reputation. Hibbard, Stockard, and Tusler (2003) noted that publishing hospital performance is a way of stimulating its workers to improve quality. This result was deduced based on the public versus private release of information on performance. Thus, it is the role of risk manager to ensure that all the performance of the hospital is released to the public to ensure that risks of poor performance are avoided. Therefore, the authors affirmed that more value on performance is typically add

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