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Doctors Should Use Opiate Drugs For Last Choice To Prevent Addiction (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


course work to choose research topic and submit research bibliography
instructor requires that she approve topic so I sent email on this topic idea below
since I work in a mental health hospital this topic comes in my mind for my research paper. I was wondering why these patients visit different hospitals us many as 15 to 20 times, even more, a year
• According to the moral framework of Care Ethics, Behavioral health hospitals should provide better resources and structured setting upon discharge to prevent readmission and homelessness.
she replied
Yes, this sounds like a good starting point for your research. I like the idea of drawing from your own experience and expertise. As you read articles over the next few weeks, you can narrow your focus to one small part of this topic.
She want me to narrow it down to one small part of topic to make it easier
the research topic and research bibliography assignment instruction attached


Annotated BibliographyNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Topic: Doctors should use opiate drugs for last choice to prevent addiction
Marianne, M. (2015). Bioethics in Practice - The Ethics of Opiate Use and Misuse from a Hospitalist's Perspective. The Ochsner Journal. Retrieved from
In this article, the author begins by addressing the issue of opiate use and how it is an ethical issue in healthcare. The author suggests that there is need for the healthcare providers to visit the health facilities to get the right principles pertaining ethics in a healthcare setting. The source will help understand the use of opiate drugs and show how it is an ethical issue in healthcare.
Emily, A., & Lindsay, M. (2018). Ethical Issues in Research Involving Participants With Opioid Use Disorder. SAGE Journals. Retrieved from
The article provides a current perspective on the use of opiate use among the drug addiction patients. Information found in the article play an important role in understanding the current view of opiate and how the medical practitioners are handling the issue. The article presents a situation where healthcare providers use opiate due to influence from relatives of the patient.
Anna, W. (2015). Untangling the medical ethics of prescribing opioids. AMA Journal of Ethics. Retrieved from
This ethics journal examines the whole issue of opioid use in the healthcare settings. The author takes a neutral approach to examine the patients who use opiate and helps us to know whether the

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