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Is Drug Testing In The Workplace A Violation Of Your Rights? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


annotated references with 5 different sources.
I need the essay in about an hour as i would like to use it as a guideline for my final.


Annotated Bibliography
Ghodse, H. (2005). Addiction at work: Tackling drug use and misuse in the workplace. Burlington, VT, USA: Gower.
Most employers have always taken testing of their employees for any drugs as one of the chief requirements for a better and productive workplace. While this might have some sense on the side of the employer and the business, it tends to ignore the employees’ side and the ethical burden it poses. It is indeed true that drug use among employees, be it in the place of work or away from it, has been an increasingly worrying issue for most employers. The ethical scenario in this case is even more delicate when it is considered that the employer might have a policy of sudden and random drug tests for the staff. The book is a good source of information on how to handle the issue.
Potter, B. A., Orfali, S., & Recorded Books, Inc. (2011). Pass The Test: A Guide For Employees. Berkeley, Calif: Ronin.
Millions of employees have been the subjects of random, indiscriminate drug testes each year around the nation. This trend has shown no sign of ceasing and in fact even getti...
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