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Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Write an annotated bibliography of three references on innovation and strategic management. Your annotated bibliography must complete the following:
Include three APA-formatted references that are not from the same author.
Contain an abstract of at least 200 words for each reference.
Focus on the relationship between innovation and strategic management, specifically on the way innovation is shaping traditional strategic management.
Format your paper in accordance with APA standards and include a title page, in text citations, and a reference page.


Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography
Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography
Sriboonlue, P., Ussahawanitchakit, P. & Raksong, S. (2016). Strategic innovation capability and firm sustainability: Evidence from auto parts business in Thailand. Journal of Business and Retail Management Research, 10(2): 11-29
In this study, the authors sought to investigate the link between strategic innovation abilities’ aspects, its precursor and outcomes. Using a survey involving 126 auto parts organizations, the authors found that strategic management helps in enhancing innovation by improving ideas and through practical activity support, risk taking situation acceptance, market-driven encouragement and energetic adaptation commitment. This also has a positive impact on organizational sustainability. According to Sriboonlue, Ussahawanitchakit, and Raksong (2016) and in reference to the capability theory, managing organization’s resources, including its capability to create, reorganize and integrate its resources in a bid to create new value helps in effectively providing it with a basis of sustainable competitive advantage.
This study is important in that it helps in explaining the relationship between strategic management and innovation. More importantly, the study explicates the relationship between sustainability and innovation in an organization. The article also notes the importance of breaking traditional rules of management and changing the environment of the existing competition to attain dramatic value perfection for clients and the company as a whole.
Chatterjee, S., et al. (2015). Strategic relevance of organizational virtues enabled by information technology in organizational innovation. Journal of Management Information Systems, 32(3): 158-196
In this study, Chatterjee and colleagues (2015) argue that information technology can help to create ethical firms which have virtues aspects and such firms are in a better position to innovate in the modern dynamic market. Drawing on the teachings of Aristotle, the authors point out that a firm’s core IT resources has an impact on its improvisations abilities and innovation. While noting various studies, the authors also note the importance of innovation on business performance and sustainability of a competitive advantage. In this context, they note that
Whilst this particular study focus more on the role of information technology in enhancing innovation in modern business, it also recognizes the role of strategic management in organizing a ...
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