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ECO100 Government's Role in Farm Policy Dates Back to the Beginning (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


We have a group project from my economic class. We made a PPT first. Now we need to do the bibliography for the resource. I uploaded the PowerPoint already. My Part is the Role of Government. Plz combine my content and make an annotated bibliography pls. Thank you. If u have any question, feel free to contact me.
An annotated bibliographic citation is made up of two parts. The website is:
The citation describes the essential components of the work. For this course, citations should be written using the Chicago format. Complete rules are in The Chicago Manual of Style, call number: REF Z253 .U69 2003. Watch out for correct punctuation and capitalization.


Role of Government
BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 2011. "Farm Policy Facts." Government's Role in Farm Policy Dates Back to the Beginning. Accessed February 2018.
Farm policy facts closely draws on the role of the government on farm policies. Through a chronological analysis, the article narrates the origin and history of agricultural laws and regulations. It depicts how farm policies have undergone radical changes to keep up with modern challenges of climate change. Critically, the article outlines the role of farm policies as enacted b

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