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Career Drive: Development Administration Admission Essay (Scholarship Essay Sample)


I wanna apply to Ph.d program in development administration My background from university to master still in business administration, and IT (information technology). I graduated master in Malaysia on 3 years ago, and came back my country for job. Currently, my career also teacher in university, and taught course such as principle of marketing, research methodology, principle of management. I have a 3 years experiences in research and teach. I have some question mean idea for writer - What are your career goals, and how will earning a doctoral degree or certificate help you achieve those goals? - What is the most challenging aspect of attending doctoral for you? What you have done to overcome that challenge? - Why should you be selected for a scholarship? Please describe any academic achievements, community service activities, examples of leadership, or other personal characteristics that make you deserving of this scholarship?


Development Administration Admission Essay
Development administration represents a sector that seeks to improve administrative abilities enabling developmental goal achievement. The dynamic nature and importance of this field attract me to the area as I thrive in a sector that requires my innovativeness to enhance growth. I believe that the best contribution I can make to the society is by being a development facilitator. The realization of these demands, that I should have the expertise and critical awareness to evaluate and analyze processes and situations that either support or impede growth. Additionally, I need to possess excellent skills for formulating the right policies to meet the developmental objectives. These aspects serve to increase my interest in developmental administration. As a result, I want to undertake a Ph.D. course to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that would assure my success in improving development.
Moreover, my career goals serve as a motivator to pursue this subject area. My objective in this field is to help organizations, societies, and nations achieve progressive development. I want to utilize my passion towards continuous enhancement by focusing on improving the human resources that form the basis of growth. The concentration on the desires and needs of the people makes it possible to develop policies, plans, projects, and programs that help in development enhancement. Also, I trust that change is a critical aspect of growth that requires proper strategizing and planning of resources to reap its benefits. I desire to be in the team that establishes new functions that would aid in embarking on industrialization and modernization path through embracing change. Furthermore, my career aim is to attain the essential development administrative skills and knowledge that will enable me to train and nurture young individuals that will ensure progress. I have an interest in teaching and helping others develop their innovativeness and become problem solvers and policy makers that aim to achieve continuous growth. I believe that pursuing my studies in your institution would provide the best platform to gain the knowledge needed to attain these goals.
Apart from my career drive in this area, my undergraduate and master’s degrees provide me with the foundational knowledge for development administration. My business administration studies gave me an in-depth understanding of how to manage operations, undertake decisions, and efficiently organize people and other resources. I found the area of organizing the personnel through hiring the right staff, training them properly, and planning them to achieve development goals exciting. For this reason, pursuing a Ph.D. course in development administration will help me explore this subjec...
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