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Emerging Leadership Program (Scholarship Essay Sample)

This is a scholarship essay for an emerging leaders scholarship program. These are the questions that need to be answered. 1. Why are you interested in the Emerging Leaders program? 2. What personal values guide your leadership decisions? 3. What motivates you to be a leader? 4. If you had the opportunity to change something in your community, what would it be and why? Some of my personal values include collaboration, teamwork, dedication, improvement, persistancy, integrity, respect, responsibility, diversity and flexibility. Trying to figure out a way to improve something motivates me to be a leader. Something that I would like to change in my community is more programs for students and parents to create more drive to be a functioning part of the economy and change high poverty rate. source..
Running head: LEADERSHIP
Emerging Leadership Program
Emerging Leadership Program
I am interested in joining emerging leadership program because I believe that this program has the potential of enhancing my skills and abilities, which will enable me to solve various challenges from different perspectives. The leadership program will also enable me to find better solutions to the problems faced by the members of my community. I also believe that the emerging leadership program will enable me to perform better in serving my community by enhancing the productivity and the creativity in me. Going through a leadership training program will also provide me with the confidence and motivation I need to discharge my duties from a personal and community level. Emerging leadership program will inculcate the values of team work and collaboration in me. This will enable me to foster a good working relationship with my peers and colleagues, a factor that will contribute to the creation of a good working environment.
I am interested in joining the emerging leadership program because I believe it will provide me with an opportunity of putting my theoretical knowledge into practical applications. Putting my theoretical knowledge into practice will enable me to come up with realistic and practical projects that will enable me solve some of the challenges faced by members of my community. Emerging leadership program will also inculcate in me the value of responsibility. Leaders who are effective trained in good programs like the emerging leadership normally accept and handle their responsibilities with ease. This is due to the fact that a trained leader possesses the skills of handling the challenges that he or she may face while performing daily tasks.
The emerging leadership program will also improve my decision making skills and enable me to make good decisions with precision and courage. Good decision making skills are a quality that every leader who wishes to serve his community must possess. Leaders who make good decisions perform better than leaders with poor decision making skills. Goods decision making skills also enable a leader to meet the needs of his or her community through planning and effective use of the available resources. I also believe that emerging leadership program will enhance my communication skills which is crucial in leadership. Good communication skills enables a leader to guide, mobilize and motivated his followers in achieving communal goals. In addition, effective communication skills enable a leader to interact and form better working relationships with his or her colleagues and members of society at large.
I am interested in joining the emerging leader program because it will improve my leadership skills through acquisition of the above skills that will improve my performance in a c...
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