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Personal Statement (Personal Statement Sample)


I will give u my based personal statement s, you can get the information from my paper, but please do not copy it , you have to write the new one by yourself after you read it.
Here is the question when you need to write it in the statement. Thank you
In the context of your life experience, describe your understanding of cultural differences and how this awareness was acquired. Talk about how your experiences influenced the person you are and what you will bring to the Foster School community (i.e. classroom, extracurricular, future career, etc.). You define what “experience” means to you; if it is important to you, it is important to share.
Describe any personal or economic hardships or barriers and explain how they directly affected your ability to be successful in college, as reflected in your transcript. As hardships may occur throughout your life, be specific about when you encountered these hardships and how long they lasted.
Describe 1-2 experiences that demonstrate leadership or initiative in a group or organization. Please do not use examples from high school unless you have completed high school within the past 18 months. Examples could be taken from: employment, community service, student organizations, or similar situations. Explain what you learned about yourself through the experience(s).
How has the educational background of your parents/legal guardians influenced your own education, especially your decision to go to college? What kind of support did you receive in making and pursuing the decision to go to college? Please tell us if you are among the first generation in your family to go to college.


Personal Statement
I have been raised in a community where females are expected to maintain a low life. On the contrary, I grew up to be energetic, adventurous and inquisitive young Chinese woman; thanks to my family. From my early childhood years, my main interest has been in business studies. The interest developed way back during a visit to my grandfather's company. Learning new thing since my 10th grade was a motivation to venture into the world of business in the coming years. My high school concentration in Hong Kong saw me attain an academic award in Principles of Accounting, Commerce, and Economics. Besides, my community certified me with an annual Outstanding Student Award Scheme. Following my successful graduation from high school, I decided to a college in Seattle, US, where I can live and study.
I intended to major in Human Resource management, with Marketing as the second option. Several factors influenced my decision: my objectives, family background, besides working and volunteer experience. As such, I desired to not only advance my education, but also become successful at the University of Washington whose top-notch education, I believe, would match ambitions. My aim in future is acquiring a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource management, or alternatively, thereby becoming a valuable professional in the current competitive business world.
I have a family that is successful in their careers. My father is a Statistics student, whereas my grandfather is not only an accountant, but also the chairman in a financial institution. Besides being proud of me for taking a 6-hours-a-day job to cater for my expenses, they have bestowed independence and responsibility in me. I respect their desire to settle my bills, but I strive to support myself and family.
For about 40 hours a week, I worked from 10 am to 4 pm to further cater for a section of my tuition fee. Time management became a daunting task for me. Even so, I did not give up easily. I took advantage of clearing wo

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