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Statement of purpose (Personal Statement Sample)

First of all, i\'m applying to masters, majoring in Finance. I am an international student. From Saudi Arabia. i am 22 years old female. i\'ll show an outline of what i need, you can add whatever you want on it. OUTLINE 5 PARAGRAPHS 1. Introduce yourself - Bachelor degree from Saudi. Texas university curriculum (more details about PMU) - Business has been my passion since high school (create a story) - Older I get I lean towards economics - Watch all the economical analysis programs. - Read all economist articles, even international ones - Graduation project was about Greece economy. - Internship (without details) 2. Reasons for choosing the program - Trying to change the main idea in Saudi, that all economists and financial experts are men. (challenging barriers) (CREATE A STORY) (cultural pressure) - New field in the Arab world, especially in Saudi (eastern province) - Interested in finance in general, especially after the crisis happened in Dubai - Learning more about international finance, how international investments and transactions affects local economies 3. Short term goals, Long term goals - Short: - Learn how to do international business, international investments - CFA - Double masters - PHD - job - Long: - SAMA - Own business - Learn a new language to ease international investments 4. How this program will help achieve my goals - Internship + bachelor (details) 5. Conclusion i want to send you my CV so you can talk about my internship and to have a look on my personal achievements. please tell me how to send it to you source..

Statement of Purpose
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Dear Sir/Madam,
Ref: Application for a Masters Degree Program in your Esteemed University.
I am a female international student from Saudi Arabia, aged 22 years. In August, 2010, I graduated from Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University having successfully completed my Bachelors degree program in finance. Consequently, I was awarded the Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU) honor student’s award in the same year. I have always been fascinated generally with the world and technicalities of business ever since joining high school. It was so intense (this fascination), that my friends thought I was going to go nuts, just as everybody else who doesn’t actually understand business, perceives it to be (mind-tiring and energy-taking). However, the more I matured into a responsible young woman, the more I found myself more and more inclined to business and in particular, intrigued by economics.
I constantly find myself watching everything dealing with economics; from economic analysis programs, to economic articles, and generally reading international materials relating to economics, something that has seen me earn several internships. With this wide knowledge, I was able to properly prepare my graduation project which coincidentally, was about the Greece economy. My main reason for applying for this program is to change the notion in Saudi Arabia that all economists and financial experts are men, and that women, contribute very little to this field. It is a culture I wish to abolish because it creates a low opinion of women and I think this Masters program will equip me with all the right skills to prove my male counterparts wrong. I also wish to learn more about intern...
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