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Personal statement (Personal Statement Sample)

I would like to apply for PhD in Claremont Graduate University in Education. I want you to help me to answer some questions like:A five page, double spaced personal statement that answers the following questions: 1. Who are you?2. What is your research interest? 3. Why are you pursuing this graduate degree? 4. What is your professional and academic background? 5. Why CGU? 6. Why the School of Educational Studies? I graduated from King Saud university in 06/2006 my major is accounting. While this time in the university I worked as a part time job in the accounting department in Advanced consultation as assistance . My job was to confirm the in the balance sheet, also to help spent the employee salaries. In 2000 I worked in chamber of commerce in Najran as the director, my responsibilities in clued accounting, hiring and terminating staff member, marketing for this center, and overseeing program effectiveness. This job was very important to me because I have learned from it many things such as how to deal with costumer who they were the women wanted to be skilled in computer program and English as a second language. Also, I have learned how the employees think of the people who work with, and I got through very hard time to deal with the costumer desires and to follow the rules form the center office which was located in Riyadh. Therefore, that required a huge skill thinking and wisdom. After I graduated I attend the Riyadh economic forum for three days and I was very admire with the way the people were talking and the ideas that were negotiated with very beautiful analysis. Thus, I took classes in marketing by phone, and I also trained to help organized the second workshop for Riyadh economic forum for three days; it was the best experience ever because I met many business women who speak in very scholar way that made me to look forward for the time that I would be more scholar person about business and accounting. I come from government that has very strict system, so it is very difficult for me to defined the social responsibility. However, I think the social responsibility is very important specially for the people who are educated because social responsibility leads to improve the social life in individual society that help to develop the whole country. Moreover, My religion which is Islam stimulate people to be social responsible so every person should give something to person who has less money that not just about money it also about compassion with each other in many others things such as encourage people to volunteer. What is your value position?I am a woman who get married after high school, but that never stopping me to achieve my dream to be something in my society, so I continue studying my university and I have attempting many things in my life that make me very strong person and nothing can stop me of doing something. I am very enthusiastic person who can work very hard to achieve my dream. Moreover, I am mother of three children who I learn through their growing time how small thing can be very big, so I learn to be patient and creative person can deal with their demand for every day . Therefore, I will contribute with this experience. Mu research intrest is how to make balance between the outcomes of Education in Saudi Arabia with the assessment needs . source..
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