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Appeal for condition of admission. Admission Essay (Admission Essay Sample)


I was admitted as a transfer student for fall 2018 but my spring semester went horribly and I ended up not meeting the conditions of admission, so I would like to write a appeal letter for my condition.
I took a Discrete mathematics class in last fall semester and I felt difficulty with the class in the beginning.
I expected to get A, but I could not make it.
Also, I lost confidence to get A ,so I withdrew it immediately.
In spring semester, I took it again, but I had difficulty with some concepts. I got bad scores on first , and second tests because it was still difficult for me.
They requested me to get B grade ,so I did my best to bump my grade up. I went to Math Resource center and discuss with classmates.
I felt better to understand whole concepts, and my grade was getting increasing.
Finally, I got 85 on final score, but It is not enough to get B grade
If I retake this class again, I have strong confidence to get A on this class.
I was not a person who think my last semester was not important.
I would like to add one more thing that I took linear algebra, Digital Media, U.S History and Discrete mathematics and I got B+, A, A and C
I got 79% and B is from 80%,
Also, my professor is going to write a letter for me, so you can write about it.
can you make a story for appeal letter?
and help them understand any challenges I may have been experiencing.


Appeal for Condition of Admission
Dear Sir,
First of all, let me thank you for your kind response. I have not fully understood why you have taken this decision. There are a large number of applicants seeking admission at the University of California, but the admission office has no confirmed the exact SAT score needed for admission. Receiving a grade of C in Math 268 doesn’t mean I am a weak student. Just like other students, I did work hard and tried to give my best. But you would have to understand that nothing can beat the luck. We may not be able to achieve high scores all the times as ups and downs go side-by-side.

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