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What makes you a strong candidate for the University (Admission Essay Sample)


the admissions question that you can answer is as follows
Beyond what has already been shared in your application, what do you believe makes you stand out as a strong candidate for admissions to the University of California?
the response needs to talk about how while in high school and community college I have been working a full-time job and getting good grades in school, the reason why I am a strong candidate is is because I was able to develop my own and use best practices I had acquired and learned over time by testing different method of scheduling and prioritizing my task to be able to complete them the most effective with the highest chances for success.
please include facts and figure from sources that show how undergraduate students, as well as young working adults, are horrible at managing their time and that leads to poor performance as well as unhappiness in the progress of their careers, and if you could include facts that show most undergrads are not prepared well for starting their careers because they have not learned effective timemangement and problem solving frameworks
the response cannot be longer than 350 words.
thank you for the help.


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I believe that some of the things that made me a strong candidate for the University of are the effective time-management skill and constructive coping mechanisms that I was able to acquire through my experiences. I always believed that the ability to manage time effectively and efficiently is one of the most crucial skills for a person’s success. Some studies show that about 51.90% of students have low time-management scores, which leads to several other problems in both their academics and personal lives (Khanam, Sahu, Rao, Kar, & Quazi, 2017). 

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