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Please write around 450 words for each question.
The following questions are interview essay questions of the **business program**. Please write logically and thoroughly. Thanks!
1. A student has been extremely busy trying to wrap up a project for his/her internship employer, so unfortunately the student has not devoted a sufficient amount of time toward the completion of his/her final paper. The final paper is due tomorrow and the student still has not finished the paper, but the supervisor of the internship has requested that he/she join the team out at a local restaurant to celebrate the finalization of the project. Faced with this dilemma, what should the student do?
2. A student is selected as Class President and is scheduled to accept the position and speak to the entire student body on Friday. On Wednesday it is discovered that the student has not completed a self-study course requirement that is mandatory for all student senate representatives. The course takes a week to be completed. Given that the student has not started the coursework and will not be able to finish before the announcement on Friday, please describe what actions should be taken in order to resolve the situation.
3. For the first time in many years the basketball team has made it to the championship game. In order for a player to be eligible they must have a “C” grade average. A few days prior to the game the coach learns that his two star players have dropped below the required grade average. According to policy, they should be suspended from the team but, if they are suspended, they won’t play in the championship and the whole team is depending on them. What should the coach do?
3. You have been offered an opportunity to interview for an internship with a company that is on your target list. The interview is on Wednesday at 10 AM on the north side of town. On Tuesday, you receive an offer from your top choice company to interview on the same day at 11 AM. The companies are 45 minutes apart by car. This is your dream opportunity, however, you have already made a commitment to the other company. What do you do?


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1. Question one
Faced by the first dilemma, a student should face her employer and respectfully request to be left out of the celebrations in order for the student to complete the final paper. This approach has the following benefits: First and foremost, it turns negatives into positives. When people own up to their mistakes, it creates a learning experience. Although there may be consequences to the student’s errors, she may come away with something they didn’t know before. In this case, the student will exercise better time management in future. Secondly, it will help the student earn the employer’s respect (Zenger, 2020). Students don’t own their mistakes because they fear making the situation escalate. However, by owning up, the student will earn the employer’s respect for it takes a good man to admit when he is wrong. Accountability is an important trait in employees. Thirdly, it can also help her reestablish trust. The student might have broken the trust between her and the employee but owning up is the first step to restoring that fragile bond.
Fourthly, it shows courage. Courage refers to the ability and to confront fear, intimidation, uncertainty, or difficulty on one’s job by sticking to one’s belief. Employees must be taught the value of courage in the day-to-day business operations. It is especially important to jobs such as management, HR, and customer services. The employee may even decide to give the student a permanent post as a way to reward her courage. Fifthly, it helps her face her fears. Most leaders don’t own up to what they have done because they fear failure.

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