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College admission essay - Loyola Marrymount University (Admission Essay Sample)

*This is the prompt from Loyola Marrymount University on* Prompt 1 In his 2010 address to representatives of Jesuit universities worldwide, Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, SJ, Superior General of the Jesuits, discussed imagination. He believes that exercising an imagination which grasps reality and involves “a refusal to let go until we get beneath the surface” is a crucial element of Jesuit education. In the same speech, he worried that today's instant and global communication technologies discourage such deep reflection and engagement with the real and instead foster a “globalization of superficiality.” Prompt 1 question: To Fr. Nicolas, imagination requires going to the depths of reality and recreating (re-imagining) it. Do social media and instant communication pose obstacles to such reflection and serious thinking? How can college students practice serious reflection in our always connected and instantaneous world? source..
The emergence of technologies such as social media and instant communication affect the way students think and reflect upon the information they receive. Fr. Adolfo Nicolas believes that reflection which grasps reality entails not a refusal to let go until one gets beneath the surface is an essential factor of Jesuit education. His worry about today's global and instant communication technologies is that imagination and reflection is discouraged and instead, the technologies foster superficial globalization. However, instant communication and social media have proven to be impeding serious thinking and reflection. College students can still practice serious reflection in the connected and instantaneous world.
The world has become a global village with the invention of the internet. Human beings have also lost sense of reflection and objective thought because of the ease of accessing information. College students are no exception to the effect of internet. Quick answers are readily available on the internet and students hardly take time to think about the surface knowledge they acquire from the internet. Sparknotes and/or Wikipedia have ready surface answer to any possible question. This fact eliminates reflection aspect of learning. However, to Fr. Nicolas, reflection requires going the depths of reality and recreating. I strongly agree with Fr. Nicolas on his assertions about reflective thinking. It is true that technologies that rapidly evolve and abrupt change of accessibility of information has made thinking very difficult.
Technology has simplified life. Today, there are instant and communication technologies that enhance connectivity among people. The speed at which information moves in social media changes lives. People receive inform...
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