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Personal Statement for Master of Science Information Systems Program (Admission Essay Sample)


I am Alaa Alrusheed i am from Saudi Arabia i finish my bachelor degree in management information system and computer science in 2006 i have experience in IT field
the admission essay i will present it to Athabasca University in Canada to apply to Master of science information system program 
Main Idea:
• What are your primary reasons for applying to Athabasca University's Master of Science Information Systems Program.
• Do you have any particular areas of interest within information systems? If so, please describe them.
• What do you want to achieve through the Master's program? What are your personal and professional aspirations.
• What particular skills, resources and experiences do you have that will facilitate your completion of the degree


Personal Statement for Master of Science Information Systems Program
Personal Statement for Master of Science Information Systems Program
In the coming days, I intend to acquire a higher education in Information Systems through a Master’s program. This degree will offer me the much needed academic encouragement, guidance, and innovative energy to operate on the cutting edge of technology in the modern computing field. This knowledge will also help me in running businesses which deal with computer-based information system. I desire to follow these goals as my long-term professional goal is to make an impression in the area of Information system Design through the contribution of innovative ideas and turning those ideas to attain high end applications and products which aid in enhancing people’s lives. In this venture, I aspire to make a significant contribution to the human society by enhancing the quality of life and standard of living.
In following these goals, I decided to apply to the Athabasca University, Master of Science Information Systems Program. Apart from sharpening my IT skills, the reason I chose to apply to the Athabasca University Program is because the University offers distance learning and online classes. This provision will help me in a great way as my current situation cannot allow me to attend full-time classes since I am working full time. The fact that the university allows the students to choose the flexibility of their classes is something that motivated me to apply for this program at your university. The university also offers students an opportunity to elect their course subjects something that is compatible with current trends in the IT field.
In the past, I worked in an organization as an IT professional where I approached the industry from the very constricted perspective of Information Technology. My syllabus was limited in the developing and some networking touching on product to the business managers. The concept of the core of the business interconnected issues of an organization is somewhat unclear to me. My core interest is learning on how to build a system from scratch...
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