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Reasons for Completing my Masters of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Admission Essay Sample)


Good morning. I was academically withdrawn from my last class prior to graduation due to my failure to maintain a GPA of 3.0. During my last class, I was under a tremendous amount of stress; I was sexually assaulted by my coworker and now I have been retaliated against by my supervisor who has created a hostile work environment for me. I am in the process of an informal investigation to include a civil law suite which has consumed a great deal of my time; leaving me with no time to study for prepare for classes. Nevertheless, I believe that I am now ready to complete my last course with Walden University so that I may graduate with my Master's Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


Institutional Affiliation:
Reasons for Completing my Masters of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Personal/Professional Goals
The Walden University and my goals remain compatible in that there are several aspects that include the constant pursuit for approaches driven towards enhancing my professional achievements, professional fulfillment, and civic engagement through an educational expedition solely posited behind the background of transforming my life as well as that of others. Long an industrial and organizational psychologist enthusiast, it is against this backdrop that drove me to pursue my masters at Walden. One aspect that attracted me towards making my application to the Walden University remains in the fact that the dynamics of the institutions Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology would allow me to graduate and follow in my dreams of working in a logistics department, with the army industrial and organizational psychological institutions. This therefore comes in handy in assisting me relate better with members of my team, an aspect that drove me in pursuing this course.
Academic Experience
The world has changed a great deal, a factor that is attributed to globalization. There are many trends that have come up which have seen the corporate field become very dynamic. A Masters of Industrial and Organizational Psychology will come in handy to ensure that I remain conversant with what is happening around me at the organizational level. The ever-changing trends in the logistics department and other departments require a person who have proper skills and knowledge that is crucial in planning effectively and efficiently. In addition, the person must also handle properly the rapid changes that occur every so often. I am attracted towards working with individuals from diverse groups in sharing my mindset and networking. These individuals equally chose the institution since the institution respects the value of diversity, an attribute that has played a significant role in building my personal experiences and inculcating ethics such as trust, honesty, and success through teamwork.
Research Experience
The main focus of this course is to enable the learner to apply principles of psychology in a normal organizational set-up. Further, it places emphasis on specific area of selection of employees and subsequent training. Through this course, as a learner, I am in a position to apply theory into practical situations while making sense of various theoretical frameworks that have been developed in this field. Areas of concentration in this study include organizational behavior, job satisfaction, and various models of motivation, productivity and testing various theories. This therefore vindicated my desire to formalize my drive and passion in this field that encompasses educational, other prerequisite courses, and research experiences established to enhance my knowledge in this discipline. I therefore have outermost faith that Walden University remains the right place to shape my career future and expertise. Besides this program, I have my focus on other aspects within the institution that have the capacity to enhance my relationships with other people within the same profession. Taking up Masters of Industrial and Organizational Psychology will place me not only in a com...
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