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Personal statement Mathematics & Economics - Admission Essay (Admission Essay Sample)


The mathematical department in our school has two concentrations. General and statistic. I’m planning to apply for the statistics one. Write something about my background. Such as I love math since I was a kid I enjoyed problem-solving etc. I was the representative of math in my class while I was in junior high and high school. After that, I came to university in the united state. The language was a problem for me, however, math and numbers never turn their back on me. And this is why I like math. While I was in college I took classes about the statistic. I felt interesting while learning it. Thus, I decided to continue taking statistics as my major for my grad school. Write something about my passion for mathematics and statistics. Also in the future, I would like to go into fields related to statistics. Data analysis or math teacher. Talk about how people would be surprised about my math major thought It would be very complicated, boring, or not practical. However, if you love something nothing can hold ur back and stop you from pursuing ur team. That’s it about my retirement. Feel free to edit extra information and things that can increase my chance of being accepted. Thank you


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It is hard imagining a world without mathematics and solving mathematical problems. My great passion for mathematics dates way back from when I was a child. I found it easy and fun solving the simple calculations, especially the assignments that we were given.
From a tender age, I learnt how to love mathematics and everything I did and still do revolves around mathematics. Mathematics is therapeutic depending on how one views it. It is all about attitude and passion, with the right attitude mathematics becomes a fascinating subject.
'There are peace and fulfilment in numbers' has been my mantra for the longest time. There are specific problems that require extensive research and time to be solved, which creates the best distraction. When tackling such tasks, there is only one thing that a person thinks about, and that is how to solve the problem. After solving a task that seemed challenging there comes a feeling of fulfilment which is pure bliss.

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