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Students Have A Background, Identity, Interest, Or Talent (Admission Essay Sample)


Some students have a certain background, identity, interest or a certain talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. It sounds like me I am a good singer and guitarist, and I do volunteering for a nonprofit organization that has helped me to shape my overall self as well and a good sense of being social. Therefore I believe mentioning this interest is very important to quote in my application because it is truly helping me transforming my personality. It must be shown in my strengths section that would surely make my application worthy to be accepted. Although I score average grades I am a hard working student. I do hard work whatever I decide to do that adds up to my strengths. I usually participate in the extracurricular activities especially when it comes to music that I really like. Since my teenage, I started playing guitar and with the passage of time, I am improving gradually. I must mention my performance and certificates that I was awarded. I believe in serving for social activities that do help in enhancing the skills, like management and language as well, therefore, mentioning the interests and the activities I participate and telling a little bit about my experience is a good element that will definitely add value in my application. Moreover, as I play guitar and sing occasionally at different events it is another talent that I should add up in my application. I can handle pressure at difficult times and have good management skill this has shaped up my personality for good and so I believe I should incorporate of all this in the application so the person reading it can familiarize with me and be convinced I am the best candidate to be selected.


College Admission
I have taken so much from my father but one thing that keeps me going is that it does not hurt to be good. My father might not be the affluent few in the society or a mighty politician or a celebrated pastor but to him, it matters most what you leave behind after you been to a new place or what influence you have to others and what can you give without asking for anything in return. Being brought up by such, a man has prompted me to immerse myself into many nonprofit organizations some suggested by my father. I get into volunteering for two reasons: one is self-fulfillment after helping fellow beings and secondly is watching the man I have grown up seeing as my hero do the same that is my dad.

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