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Law School Admission. Law Admission Services - Admission Essay (Admission Essay Sample)


I am looking for a law school admission essay. I am seeking admission as an occasional student/ part time student. I am internationally trained lawyer and I want to complete the local competencies to be able to practice law in Canada. I have been prescribed 8 courses by NCA (National Committee on Accreditation). It must come across that I am hard working individual. I funded my MBA in USA through university scholarships. I am an economic immigrant and came to the country with only $2000.00 in my pocket. I have worked very hard throughout my life. I have always wanted to be a lawyer but because of family commitments and responsibilities I could not afford such an endeavor . Family has always been very important to me. My brother passed away in 2015 back home. My brother left behind a very young family which needed support of a male figure in the family. I sacrificed my career and flew back home to be with my brother's family. While taking care of the family matters in Pakistan, I chose to take admission into local law college to be able to make my dream of becoming lawyer a reality. NCA has assessed my credentials and has asked me to complete 8 competencies courses. I am requesting admission into your Law Program as an occasional/ part time student.


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Law School Admission
Since my childhood, my dream has always been to be a prominent lawyer. However, achieving it has been challenging for me due to family responsibilities and commitments. Despite everything that has happened in my life, I have never lost hope in my dream, which is to serve the public by enhancing equal representation in justice system. As a young boy, growing up in Pakistan shaped what I want to be when I become an adult. I realized that justice is something that many individuals do not get since they cannot afford an attorney to represent them in court. As such, some innocent people are punished and being imprisoned for mistakes they did not commit. I believe that everyone has the right to be judged for who he or she is without discrimination. For this reason, nothing would obscure my dream of being a lawyer, which is the reason why I want to join a law school and complete eight courses as advised by the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) so that I can practice law in Canada.

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