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Admission essay: Application for a Nursing Major Course (Admission Essay Sample)


Admission essay for nursing major. i have been working as an LPN for four years and i have a passion on becoming a nurse since childhood.


Application for a Nursing Major Course
Application for a Nursing Major Course
I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse, and I have been in practice for four years. Over this period, I have worked with other members in the healthcare community to provide care services to patients and families. This is a calling that I enjoy most since I like helping others. The range of care services I have helped provide include personal hygiene to patients, collecting the health information of patients, facilitating communication between patients and registered nurses/physicians, administering oral medications, wound care and dressing, as well as keeping record of patients’ health information.
Nevertheless, my philosophy of nursing emphasizes a commitment to help others by promoting health conditions in society. While working as an LPN, I realized the need to improve the quality of the services I offer so as to make an impact in people’s lives. Accordingly, I aim to attain a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to acquire the relevant knowledge, skills, and expertise, which will enable me to offer healthcare services efficiently and effectively.
My choice of George Mason University’s college of nursing is informed by the institution’s own philosophy, which emphasizes on preparing graduates to function as nursing professionals in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and the community. In addition, the University’s curriculum takes into account the needs of a working LPN, which I believe will help me acquire all the necessary skills, allow me sufficient practical learning, and consequently help me realize my full potential as a professional nurse.
Becoming a nurse will undoubtedly have a profound positive impact on my life and on the lives of others. Personally, the skills that I will have learned at the end of the course will improve my sense of self-worth as a caregiver. The self-knowledge that I’m a qualified practitioner in the healthcare sector will instill in me a new understanding of my responsibilities to patients, their families and the communities I serve, and my role in society in general. Recognizing that a nurse has more professionally demanding and complex responsibilities than an LPN, graduating with a BSN degree will prepare me to fulfill these roles effectively. In terms of career growth, the degree I attain will be a stepping stone towards advanced learning and serving society at a much specialized capacity.
With regards to the impact my learning will have on others, I believe that the knowledge I will acquire will make my services more valuable to the sick, their families, and other vulnerable communities. Of particular interest to me is the role of research in improving the quality of healthcare services. Accordingly, I aim to contribute to research in healthcare as a way of promoting evidence-based practices. My ultimate goal, therefore, is to make le...
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