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How the Past Academic and Personal Success has contributed to my future life in College (Admission Essay Sample)


Academic achievement: GPA 3.8 in current college, Earned A/B Honor Roll during high school exchange student year in Waller high school.
Personal achievement: Completed the project: business proposal of intangible cultural heritage. The purposes are increasing the selling of Nanjing velvet flower and improving the public awareness about intangible cultural heritage. The project requires us to give a presentation in six days for talking about the practical plan. I was like a manager in the group. My responsibility is to make a detailed plan for each day.


How the Past Academic and Personal Success has contributed to my future life in College
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My life in high school had some lows and highs that adequately prepared me for college life. Despite the change in the environment and schedules, I am optimistic that I will make it through the college life. In my life in I was set out as a disciplined student who used to balance between the academic and social activities. I excelled in both, something that was not easy for many students. I learned from a tender age the art of time management. Each minute of my time does count. If I waste even one minute, I will not get it back. Therefore, I had set apart a time for each activity. 

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