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University Application Essay: University of Pittsburg (Admission Essay Sample)


Temple University
First paragraph: write about your background and why you want to pursue this major in this university. Is to introduce their own pursuit;
Second paragraph: use your previous experience to explain why you want to pursue this major. During the interview, examples of how I was good at using my own resources reasonably in school can be used to prove how I was interested in business for further explanation. Give a brief introduction of what you have gained from it and what inspiration you have for your future career!
Third paragraph: draw out your own career development through the previous paragraph, and then connect your career pursuit with the project you want to go to. Still have even if oneself want to achieve progress and breakthrough in a few academic respect what to help to oneself profession then!
Paragraph 4: summarize the above! Then I expressed my vision of going to this university!
Major: Master of Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
University Application Essay
I am a business student from the University of Pittsburg. I did my major in finance and business information systems. Throughout my life, I have desired to develop skills in business and finance. My previous major helped me develop these skills, and I would wish to pursue a related course that could build on my previous skills. As a result, I decided to choose a Master of Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship as it would help to expand on my previous skills and draw me to my career expectations and dreams. Additionally, this course is linked to entrepreneurship, my favorite area of interest. I believe that the course will add to my creative skills and competencies as I look forward to transforming my community through innovations and research development interventions.
I think that my experience in business has prepared me for pursuing and excelling in this course. When I was doing my major in finance and business information systems, I had an opportunity to exercise my skills in banking and finance. I have learned the economic utilization of resources in business, which I think is sufficient to help me advance in this business career. Additionally, I did my internship at a bank and a health products company. I note that working at the bank was a competitive and challenging environment, especially because I had to do on-the-job practice. Sometimes my supervisor was no

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