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Boston University Admission Essay - Number 2 and 3 (Admission Essay Sample)

Essay 2: Describe a formative or significant event in your life and then explain how this event has influenced your subsequent thoughts and action. Essay 3: Tell the admission committee about the time when it cost you to maintain your integrity and what you learned from the experience. Who was affected besides yourself? Was there anything you might have done differently? Would you make the same decision again if given the chance? Message: As far as I know I have never experienced any event that have influenced my thought or action or experience a situation which cost me to maintain my integrity. Therefore I need you help to make up something, but please be aware that this is an admission essay. I am a fresh graduate from college, age 21, earned bachelor degree in finance and economics. I intent to advance my knowledge in economics and finance and apply for MBA with finance concentration. Maybe, in order for the essay to relate and fit my profile, chose some events or situation that are not to specific. If you need more information please contact me. Or you can write the essay first and I'll read and see of the essays need any changes and ask for revision afterwards. I need to write approx 500-550 words for each essay. Thank You. source..
Boston University Admission Essay
Essay 2
Ever since I was a child, I had difficulties learning English. This sounds quite unusual given that most people find mathematics and the sciences difficult. I would get a good pass in mathematics and other subjects but my English grades were very poor. My parents and teachers were very worried with my unusual failure in English which for many people is a simple language. Concerned about my failure, my parents hired me a private tutor. I lost concentration in the tuition sessions and despite the instructor`s encouragement, I did not improve.
All the other subjects that I took in school were instructed and examined in English and the aspect made my performance very low. In addition, I lost all interest in studies and always blamed English for my failure. Despite the fact that I could master and learn how to spell words, I totally forgot the concept and could not remember anything the next day. I was usually the laughing stock among my classmates because I scored very low grades and I was always the bottom of the class in all tests. My teachers also punished me for my poor performance.
It was during my first year in high school that a significant event that would totally change my life happened. The school I was admitted to conducted motivational talks and welcomed renowned academicians to address students. During the motivational sessions, one speaker pointed out that it is the negative attitude that we have towards tasks that makes their pursuit difficult and impossible. I had always wanted to become a renowned business professional later in life. It dawned to me that my dream could never be realized unless I did well in my studies. It was then that I sought professional help since my future was blurring as each day passed by. I decided to approach the speaker for help.
I narrated to him my personal experience and how English had acted as an impediment towards my success in studies. After a few hours of interactive sessions, he identified my problem to be negative attitude towards English. I had always held the opinion that English is a very difficult subject. He related with my experience with the experience and promised to help me. For the first time in my life, I had hope for the future. I was put through a series of counseling sessions that totally changed me and my attitude towards English. I approached English with a positive attitude and with a belief that it was the simplest subject ever. I noted a significant improvement in the next test we took and I managed a middle position in class. To the amazement of my parents, classmates and teachers, I ...
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